Stephen Sinisi / Senior Copywriter

Stephen Sinisi / Senior Copywriter


In 2016, Boston Pizza and ICF Olson Canada won Silver at the Shopper Innovation Awards for MyBP – a digital ecosystem that allows Boston Pizza to develop and manage ongoing relationships with its customers.

What does that mean exactly? It means that with MyBP, Boston Pizza can do things like…

• Manage the data preferences and transactions of its guests
• Send triggered offers and promotions
• Create a holistic customer experience across all of its platforms

From a technological perspective, the creation of MyBP was a huge accomplishment. Having said that, you’re probably wondering how a Senior Copywriter fits into all of this technology? Here’s how…

For starters, I had the unique opportunity to be a part of this project from the very beginning. I helped craft the presentation deck–as well as the user flow story–that was eventually used to sell this idea to the greater Boston Pizza team.

Once the ecosystem was built, I was then responsible for taking the brand’s established copy tone and applying it to all pieces of communication associated with MyBP. This includes emails, offers, promotional banners, copy for the MyBP app…you name it.

Since communication is such a vital component of MyBP, the copy needed to be more than just clear and concise – it needed to capture Boston Pizza’s unique brand of quirkiness and humour.

Here are some examples of how this was accomplished…

Valentine’s Day promotion

World Juniors promotion

Halloween promotion

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