Stephen Sinisi / Senior Copywriter

Stephen Sinisi / Senior Copywriter

Delta Tailor

Each year, ICF Olson hosts an event called the “Innovation Challenge”. It gives all employees, from devs and creatives to account executives and office managers, an opportunity to explore the newest and most fascinating technologies on the market. The structure is simple: break into teams, come up with original ideas, and look for ways to solve real business problems.

Delta Tailor is one of the ideas that emerged from this challenge.

It’s a mobile application that enhances the hotel guest experience, and it was created with Delta Hotels and Resorts in mind. It provides hotel guests with personalized exercise programs, equipment notifications, routes for runners, and customized meal suggestions based on actual hotel items. Most importantly, it provides people with an easy way to stay healthy while they’re traveling.

The inspiration for this idea came from an in-depth study that was conducted on one of Delta’s key demographics – business travelers. Through this study, we found that in addition to being very health conscious, these individuals are actively looking for ways to make the hotel experience healthier. A product like Delta Tailor does just that.

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