Stephen Sinisi / Senior Copywriter

Stephen Sinisi / Senior Copywriter

TV Advisor

When it comes to TVs, few companies can match the selection that LG offers. They have a wide variety of models for every budget and need. Though selection is a good thing, the process of searching for and selecting the right TV can be intimidating for the average consumer.

That’s why the LG TV Advisor was developed. It’s a helpful tool that provides consumers with the information they need to make the best choice possible.

The tool consists of five key sections: My Room, Budget, What I Watch, Connections and Specs. Once the consumer answers the questions in each of those sections, TV Advisor recommends three models. It also explains why that particular recommendation was made.

Home Page (Desktop Version)

On this page, users get to select which sections they want to complete.

On this page, users answer questions about their TV room.

On this page, TV Advisor recommends additional features and products based on the kinds of programs that users like to watch.

On this page, TV Advisor recommends three models that suits the user's needs and budget best.

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