Stephen Sinisi / Senior Copywriter

Stephen Sinisi / Senior Copywriter

Auction of Awesomeness

In order to stay competitive during a key sales period, Blue Light needed a hard-hitting summer program that encouraged consumers to buy more beer. Through the Auction of Awesomeness, we were able to help the brand achieve its objectives and engage its fan base in a unique and fun way.

What is the Auction of Awesomeness? Put simply, it’s eBay for beer. Consumers buy Blue Light, collect points and use those points to bid on awesome stuff. Things like grills and coolers, as well as higher-end items like a Jet Ski and a Blue Light hot tub.

The program proved to be a huge success. In its first month alone, it helped Labatt USA reach almost half of its sales target. It was also responsible for the acquisition of thousands of new Facebook fans and Twitter followers

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